Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Article: Who Want to Kill Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H)

Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H)

By Bukhari M. Bello Jega

  "It is our duty to struggle in this fashion, and the result is with Allah" - Imam Ruhullah Musawi Khomeini

Ever since the tragic and unfortunate event of July 25th 2014, where Nigerian Military open fire on innocent, peaceful and armless members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Zaria including three children of Sayyed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H), so many things seem to be happening which call for reflection and action by lovers of humanity. The killing of these innocent Nigerians, who were on peaceful procession in solidarity with the belligerent people of Palestine, will remain the darkest period in the history of Nigeria. The reality before us today, is that, the Nigerian state has been hijack by criminal gangs and bandits who specialises in shedding and mutilating innocent bloods and souls of Nigerians without intervention and seriousness from their government. Another reality is that, they have been absence of government and leadership in the last five (5) years since the son of the fisherman emerged as the President of this beautiful country of beloved people. Therefore, in the absence of government, leadership and the subsequent hijack of machineries and security apparatus of the state by criminal gangs and bandits, unleashing terror and untimely death, one will expect men of reasoning and retired this and that will come out strongly and speak out against the carnage going on in the country, but, silence and cowardice seem to be the defining feature of national heritage. Unfortunately, in the animal farm or jungle mentality we found ourselves, any courageous and independent voice, especially a voice of spirituality, wisdom, foresight, steadfastness, determination and pragmatism of the likes of Shaikh Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H), is a direct threat to the criminal gangs and bandits holding sward in the country.

News Release: Tinubu’s Alleged Illicit Properties: Beyond Issuance of Threat of Lawsuit


The attention of leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law has been drawn to a lawsuit threat letter (for libel) addressed to the Management of Daar Communications Limited; owners of the African Independent Television (AIT) by solicitors of one Mr. Tinubu Ahmed over the former’s recent airing of a documentary alleging that the latter illicitly acquired and owned the following choice properties: Oriental Hotel, Falomo Shopping Complex, First Nation Airline, Private Jet, Lekki Concession Company, Apapa Amusement Park, the Renaissance Hotel, the Radio Continental, the TV Continental, the Nation Newspaper, Ikeja Shopping Mall, Alpha Beta (IGR collectors), ownership of Tejuoso Market, School of Nursing & NNPC buildings, N4B property located at the Queens Drive, Lagos and other choice properties worth billions of naira located within and beyond Lagos State allegedly acquired and owned illicitly by referenced Tinubu Ahmed. These, according to the referenced broadcast, have earned the referenced citizen a satirical name-“the Nigeria’s biggest landlord”. The law chambers and offices of frontline lawyers and rights activists in Lagos State were also said to have been quartered in some of the referenced illicit choice properties in the State.

Article: King Nebu And The Parable of "Black n white" TV

By Rufus Kayode Oteniya

And it came to pass as the multitude gathered around him at the festival of appraisal of King Nebu of Aso Kingdom which came to pass six years after he hath succeeded King Yar, the son of Mutawalli, the brother of Seu, who himself hath succeeded King Aremus the son of Sanjo, an Eborite from the ruling house of Olu-mo who hath left the throne after 8 years according to the custom and tradition of the land of Aso, he called those who were with him and spake to them in a parable.

Article: Hostile Foreign Interests In Nigeria Election Matters

By Ibiba Don Pedro

The unsolicited interests and highly antagonistic actions by certain foreign interests in the 2015 elections in Nigeria and specifically towards the person of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, can be easily discerned by keen observers in the unfolding events related to the Nigeria 2015 elections. Any patriotic Nigerian, concerned about the wellbeing and sovereignty of the country must think and ask questions now.

Monday, 2 March 2015

News Release: Islamic Corporation For The Development Of The Private Sector And African Export-Import Bank Agree To Cooperate In Private Sector Development

The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), the private sector arm of the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB), has signed an agreement with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) to cooperate in the development of the private sector in ICD member countries in Africa.

U-Report: Muslims Defy Terrorist Attacks, Celebrate Prophet’s Birthday In Potiskum

Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky  

Report By Stephen Lawan

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky have been conducting Maulud Nabiy in honour of the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad (SAWA) in all localities in the town.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Article: In Defence Of The Great Prophet

By Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi

In the name of Allah who states “Surely, We will suffice you against the scoffers” Q15:Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His chosen servant, our master Muhammad and his pure progeny. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, and for the first time, this weekly column had experienced a considerable pause in its history. While regretting the circumstantial pause, we pray not to experience it again. No doubt, so many topical issues have passed within the period just as others prevail at both local and international levels that I cannot easily reflect to share my view with our esteemed readers. However, I hope to touch few ones especially those that touched our lives generally. Basically, I will like to briefly remind us on the lessons of Mauludin Nabiy (s), and most importantly, carry our esteemed readers through the topic above. Obviously, a lot was said and written on the personality of the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his purified progeny. We could easily recall what happened recently in France when the enemies of peace and humanity made fun of this great prophet through caricatures they attributed to his exalted personality in the name of freedom of speech or expression!

Open Letter: Curbing Turbulent Elections In Nigeria Using The Armed Forces

Ref: Intersoc/SE/NG/003/02/015/CDS/ABJ

Air Chief Marshal AS Badeh
Chief of Defense Staff, the Armed Forces of Nigeria
The Defense Headquarters, Ministry of Defense
P.M.B. 309, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

The Nigerian Armed Forces’ Letter To Intersociety Is The Beginning Of An End To Age-long Civil Society-Military Hostile Relationship In Nigeria & A Call For Joint Efforts In Securitization Of Nigeria
We write to inform your respected Defence Headquarters that the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law is in receipt of a letter you addressed to us, dated 25th February 2015 and referenced: DHQ/ABJ/401/15/DCMR signed on behalf of your respected office by Major General MA Alkali. The letter under reference was in response to our earlier letter to the Service Chiefs of the Nigerian Armed Forces through your respected Defense Headquarters; the SGF and the Chairman of INEC, dated 10th February 2015 and referenced: INTERSOC/002/02/015/FGN/ABJ/FRN.  

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Photonews: Anti-Buhari Protest In London

Article: The Upcoming General Elections And Nigeria’s Date With History

By Jaye Gaskia

As the forced rescheduled dates for the 2015 general elections rapidly approaches, the ominous clouds that have been gathering over our national existence have continue to thicken and darken potentially threatening a deluge of biblical proportions.