Tuesday, 22 July 2014

U-Report: Speaker’s Aide Seek Media And General Public Support To Fight Blackmail

Speaker Benjamin Uwajimogu

Report By IMHA Media Unit
The Senior Special Assistant (media) to the Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Mr, Chukwuemeka Ahaneku, has taken a swipe on one Mr. Kenneth Uwadi, who he said has specialized in the use of the social media platforms to peddle lies and unfounded allegations mostly against political office holders in the state.
Mr. Ahaneku, who was reacting to various articles written by Mr. Uwadi against some top government functionaries in the state, described Mr. Uwadi as a ‘clinging cymbal’ whose riotous and blackmailing noise would not deter the leadership of the Imo State House of Assembly from further blazing the trail, as it recently bagged the second most productive House in the country.
He however, asserted that Mr. Uwadi’s sinister motive was to launch a pernicious propaganda against the Speaker, amid his rising political profile and reputations because some opposition leaders in the State gave him some money and promised him their party primaries ticket to contest in the 2015 elections, adding that engaging him (Mr. Uwadi) on such blackmailing spree were akin to trading common sense with ignorance.
According to him, ‘’who doesn’t know Kenneth Uwadi as a sheer alarmist who specializes in blackmailing political office holders to make ends meet? He should know that we are not losing sleep over any of those frivolous junks he has been posting on the internet. I want to assure him that the House ably led by Rt. Hon. Banjamin Uwajumogu is ever poised to surpass its recent record of achievements as the second best in the country for the betterment of Imo people’’.
Speaking further he queried; ‘’how is the Speaker involved in all the accusations he is levying on him? What is the Speaker’s business in the management of local government funds or in a secret cult war that saw many Imolites dead and few arrested for culpable homicide in the state? People should not because of partisan and personal interest offer themselves as demonic tools for peddling of falsehood and misrepresentation of people. When people say people should have education and good upbringing, it is for this kind of reason, so they can write with facts and also know how to portray themselves in the public.
‘’it is surprising that Mr. Uwadi who claims to be an accountant could not take into cognizance various deductions (e.g. primary school teacher’s salary and other deductions) that are deducted during the joint allocation committee meetings  and the various rural projects financed by the local governments in the state before coming out with  his federation allocation committee figures which clearly shows that he (Mr.Uwadi) is completely detached from the realities on ground or ignorant of government processes and procedures. I am not the one to make this clarification because it is purely executive but out of their ignorance they push you to the extent that you say things that you don’t want to  ’’ .
The Speaker’s media aide further recalled the negative antecedents of Mr. Uwadi and Samuelson Iwoha and continued, ‘’ It was this same Kenneth Uwadi in partnership with Samuelson Iwoha, who recently concocted mind blowing allegations of fraud against the Speaker, with the negative intents of smearing his reputations and to blackmail him. And when the chips were down as calls from concerned people of the state started coming for them to come forward and substantiate their allegations, Uwadi cowardly chickened out and said he didn’t have facts rather he copied from his friend Mr.Iwuoha thinking he had facts, thereby leaving Samuelson Iwuoha in the cold,’’ Mr. Ahaneku explained.
The Special assistant to the Speaker, however, wondered why Mr. Uwadi who could not substantiate any of his initial allegations against the Speaker, will always find a way of ridiculing and tarnishing his image by involving or mentioning   the Speaker’s name in any of his blackmailing articles or comments. when his partner in the blackmailing and Image tarnishing business (Samuelson Iwuoha) had recently in a recorded  conversation that was broadcasted by major radio stations in Imo state , owned up to have fabricated the said allegations against the Speaker with the intention of extracting  money  and a Toyota camry car from him.
Mr. Ahaneku, further used the forum to seek the media and the general public intervention on the matter, as he called politicians to shun all forms of blackmail against their perceived political opponents and refrain from luring youths into blackmail and other sundry lifestyles which could jeopardize their brighter future

Open Letter: Petition Against Unlawful Collection Of Permanent Voters' Cards In Osun State

Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate (CPPM)
1a Fadeyi Street,
Ikeja, Lagos.
Email: cppmandate@gmail.com
Telephone: 07033853232, 08078012999

The Chairman,
Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
INEC Headquarters,

Dear Sir,
Petition Against The Illegal And Unconstitutional Collection Of Permanent Voters Card (Pvc) And Copying Of Voters Identification Number (Vin) From The Owners By Omoilu Foundation In Osun State, Yesterday 21/07/2014

With due regards sir, I have the authority and mandate of the governing board of the Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate (CPPM) to intimate you with this civil society organization which is at the forefront of promoting constitutional governance and the deepening of democratic tenets in all aspects of our national life.

We wish to use this medium to draw your attention to news circulating in the media since yesterday 21/07/2014 about an organization called Omoilu foundation which has been distributing kerosene to residents of Ede in Osun state and which was reported to be taking possession of the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) of voters and as well copying down the Voters Identification Number (VIN) in exchange for a 5 litres of kerosene.

In confirming this story, the founder of Omoilu Foundation, one Mr. Kashamu Buruji was reported in the news story as saying that" We ask them to come with their voters cards to know that they are registered". He also added that " ......and we ask them to bring their cards to know that they truly registered and got their cards".

On our part at CPPM, we regard this act by Omoilu foundation as not only unconstitutional but a flagrant violation of the Electoral Act by inducing voters to part with their PVC and VIN for 5 litres of kerosene. This act by Omoilu foundation is not only illegal but an insult to the collective psyche of the Nigerian people because it has the tendency to portray our national image in bad light before the rest of the world.

Therefore, the question, that we are seeking answers to now are that, is it legal or appropriate under the Electoral law for any organization to take possession of the electorates permanent voters card voters as well as voters identification number? Of what use is Omoilu foundation going to deploy these PVC and VIN its possession? By taking possession of the these PVC's and VIN's, is Omoilu Foundation not endangering national security if it has the data of citizens unconstitutionally in its possession?

We are hereby demanding that you use your good office to immediately investigate this matter and ensure justice and national pride to the Nigerian people through diligent prosecution


Nelson Ekujumi,
Executive Chairman

The National Security Adviser,
Office of the National Security Adviser,

The Inspector General of Police,
Nigeria Police Force,
Force Headquarters,
Louis Edet House,

Monday, 21 July 2014

Article: Why Is Musliu Obanikoro Afraid Of A Fair Contest In Lagos 2015?

Musliu Obanikoro

By Dr. Adebukola Fatoyinbo

We have watched for some time now with irritation and even amusement the growing desperation of Musliu Obanikoro, the junior Minister representing Lagos State in the Ministry of Defense.

It appears Mr. Obanikoro is wracked with some greedy obsession which makes him believe that he should have a first shot  at all appointments and even elective positions to the detriment of all other members of the PDP.
After having failed woefully in the 2007 gubernatorial election in Lagos, despite all the billions raised for him by the party, Obanikoro is hell bent on scuttling  PDP chances by crook or hook in the next election. The man who shamelessly ran away from the Appeal tribunal after the then ACN had queried his qualifications, is now pushing feverishly to derail the party’s applecart.

It is obvious Obanikoro is afraid of a free and fair party primary. He is up in arms against the presence of Jimi Agbaje in the party.

Why is Obanikoro raising hell-fire and brimstone  over quality aspirants vying for our party’s ticket?
Something is terribly amiss here. Obanikoro basically wants the party’s ticket to be handed over to him without any contest at all!
The greedy fellow wants to return us to the dark days of 2007 when he manipulated Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and then swindled the man’s daughter Iyabo into a fraudulent matrimonial arrangement with our own Lagos as a trade-off.
Well, there is no more scheming in the dark corners. Everything must be in the open. We are tired of Obanikoro's desperate hustling in Abuja to the disadvantage of outstanding Lagosians. Here is a man that was defeated fair and square in the pruning down selection for the Ministerial seat. He came a poor fourth after Towery Coker, Tunji Shelle, and Ade Dosunmu. Despite his rejection at home, Obanikoro still smuggled himself into the Ministerial position through the back door. 

The tragic past is now gone forever. There is no longer any Iyabo to gamble the fortunes of our people with. Obanikoro in his heedless and wreckless, desperate power-grab is throwing stones at those who brought him to the party and rehabilitated him.
This desperate turncoat is maligning Chief Olabode George  and other leaders for insisting that all the PDP aspirants will be given a level playing field in determining the party’s Candidate.
We at the Committee for the Restoration of Lagos Heritage (CORELAG) agree with Chief Bode George that all the aspirants -Pearse, Gbadamosi, Doherty, Dosunmu, Ogundimu, Dominic and Agbaje are all men of solid pedigree with impeccable credentials.

None of them can be pushed aside in a fair contest. They can all hold their own in  terms of solid family background and academic attainments.
Enough of thuggery  and  brigandage in Lagos. We want polished,  articulate Omoluabi who have so much to offer for the collective growth of our State and the enhancement of the lives of the succeeding generation.
Obanikoro represents a rejected, abandoned and unprofitable past. Lagosians are tired of rough-hewn primitive characters who want power at any cost.
Obanikoro was rejected in the past. He remains unreformed and unwilling to improve himself. Apart from the School Certificate education he had at Ahmadiya College, Obanikoro remains largely  on the blurry edge of illiteracy. This is hardly what Lagosians are looking for now to replace the brazen pillage of the rejected APC. Enough is enough.

Should Obanikoro insist he wants to contest for governor after having spent less than three months as a junior minister, we ask  that he should resign his position honorably. Should he refuse to resign, we will demand his removal forthwith. A word is enough for the wise.

(Fatoyinbo is Chairman, Committee for the Restoration of Lagos Heritage (CORELAG))

Speech: The Intersection Of Business And Politics

Ms. Ifeyinwa Maureen Okafor
(Being speech delivered by Ms. Ifeyinwa Maureen Okafor,LLB,MBA,FCA,FCIS at the IFEYINWA MAUREEN OKAFOR (I.M.O) 2015 FUND-RAISING DINNER at Oriental Hotel, Lekki Lagos on Saturday 19th, July, 2014 )

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

All protocols observed

I am truly honoured by those of you here tonight who have taken out time to grace this occasion. Some I have known for many years, some for a few months while working together on this project, even yet there are those although we have corresponded greatly, I am meeting for the first time today. You all are truly loved and appreciated equally. TEAM I.M.O.! You are great. 

Thank you for putting this together.

In Nigeria, usually, political aspirants are a bit elderly and tend to be rich. So rich that going in, they do not have to organize these type of events. I think those who are in that category miss something great. And it is a loss to our democratic process. I am glad that my campaign has been varied and vagaried and I, not being rich in cash, am rich in friends and family who have stood with me in this uncommon journey of faith and courage. I celebrate you all. It is an immense blessing to have the opportunity of engaging you tonight. As you have come, I pray that you will also receive support for your vision.

I have chosen as title for this speech: THE INTERSECTION OF POLITICS AND BUSINESS.
WHEN Nigerians huddle online or in physical reality, they are usually in deep discussion on one of two topics; football or the fate of our polity. I believe that the preponderance of you here tonight are not politicians, but will agree that politics has a significant effect on our lives and businesses. I believe that since politics determines the atmosphere we operate in, it is time that we in the business and professional community play a more active role. Beyond advocacy and lobbying, we need to become investors and players.

The government of the day establishes rules and regulations guiding business operations. With tariffs, waivers, import duties etc, they decide the growth or demise of a particular business segment. Also local and international Investors follow the politics of the day to make decisions on capital flow. If the government is focusing on privatization, more private businesses will spring up. If the politics of the day is nationalization, private businesses will begin to close shop. Between 1999 and 2002, the Nigerian government focused on telecommunications and we witnessed massive investment in that industry from GSM operators, recharge card vendors, call center operators and so on. Recently (2010 – present), the politics has been Power sector reform and we are witnessing massive investment in Power generation, transmission, distribution and allied services. That is why in developed democracies, economy watchers critically follow the ideology and leaning of political aspirants as they are likely to become the future policy makers.

My Vision for IMO State encapsulated in the series ‘WHAT IMO NEEDS’ has been adapted in the brochure you have. It not only captures my thoughts for my Administration, it paints a picture of the preferred future we can all have if we dare to believe and then take the active steps to pursue and propagate that belief. Some might say we are not ready for this. I say we are long overdue. We just have to invest the resources to educate our people that we cannot stay in the rudimentary stages of development forever. We need to join developed nations. And we need to do so yesterday. Many people tell me that having a vision is not enough. They are right. But it is a start. And it is the right start. Vision is the start of what Dubai and other developed nations are today.

They say this, because many of our people beat down by poverty are only concerned about today. Then I say it is our responsibility as leaders to lift them up to where they can be concerned about the future. Like a business idea, a political leader gets the vision and is burdened with the weight of getting others to see it, and buy into it. Our challenge as a nation is often said to be leadership or the lack thereof. We have prayed. We have praised. We, business and economy leaders must now play the game of politics if we desire a developed nation in our lifetime.

Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and author of MY VISION; CHALLENGES IN THE RACE FOR EXCELLENCE says “There is no need for lengthy speeches (like this one), statements and eloquent words are far less important than our need for people who can build infrastructure’. I am therefore worried that given recent happenings, aspirants are playing down their campaign promises to be able to win the electorate and past leaders seeking re-election are apologetic about bringing development. I do not want to just win elections. I want to win the hearts of a people long impoverished and denied of the basics of life…water, healthcare, food security, the kind of stuff you find at the bottom of the pyramid. We NEED Real Change. The kind of change that can get Imo youth to stay, work in Imo after school and own a home before they turn 40. Change that will ensure greater successes in JAMB and SSCE. Change that ensures first class graduates would rather teach than work in other sectors because the environment for teaching attracts them. Change that involves equipping our hospitals so we don’t have to go to India and Germany to treat cough.

There is a desperate call for CHANGE! Youths are clamoring for a generational shift, women are clamoring for 35% representation. I am both young and female. I therefore represent real change in every sense of the word. For me, it is a call to battle. And battle we must. I am committed to fighting with all of my heart and might so help me God for the millions who cannot, who perish on our streets while we have arable land and abundant mineral resources.
I will fight with every breath I have to set up a government that will consistently put the people first on issues of education, healthcare and infrastructure. I will fight to put a government that truly loves and cares for its people. While providing social welfare, we will create 21st century infrastructure. With the same resources we will achieve more because we will be transparent and prudent and accountable. We will be persistent and adamant about good governance.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is much work to be done, to get the message of Real Change to the grassroots and to the urban electorate. That we will provide not just for their today, but more importantly for their tomorrows. We have the vision that generations will be born and grow up in IMO, we have the passion, and we need your help to get on ground and into the hearts of the people. It might look tough. But with God all things are possible.
Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to play your part in this epic journey. Together let’s make history. May God bless us all.

Thank you for coming.

Real Change is Here!